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Whether through participatory planning, design or co design thinking, we believe that community involvement at all leves of a planning process is vital for a successful of a project 

(CI) Collective Intelligence


Collective Intelligence (CI) convenes and processes large amounts of information and values held by individuals and groups that can vary greatly in their values, resources, and status. It is particularly appropriate for aggregating qualitative information in the face of uncertainty.  

  • CI seeks new ways for these groups and individuals to think and act together, mobilizing collective knowledge more fully and effectively.

  • The collective involvement of groups and individuals can provide essential and current information about local conditions.  

Moreover, these processes can also foster collective action—the ability of diverse groups and individuals to work towards common solutions. CI offers a powerful means to make Participatory Planning more inclusive and  equitable.

Combining CI with AI can also facilitate a wider scale of social participation in decision-making processes, first by being able to process much larger amounts of data, and then by searching for alternatives that advance the broadest set of stakeholder aspirations within the available and expected resources, as well as examining systemic impacts of decisions that could otherwise remain unanticipated.


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