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Climate Change shock and stresses can only be planned for with scenario planning given its intrinsic uncertainties  

Scenario Planning


We speak directly to the theme of Equity in Scenario Planning (SP) by seeking practical and effective ways to harness the transformative and complementary potential of Collective Intelligence (CI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) towards more equitable SP processes and outcomes.


  • Collective Intelligence (CI) convenes and processes qualitative information and values held by individuals and groups. 

  • AI makes it possible to analyze data, images, physical patterns and relationships not readily perceived by human intelligence, at lower cost and higher speed.

Integrating this kind of data analysis with information and values from a diverse local or regional community can help correct the imbalances that limit equity in SP—imbalances in who gathers, analyzes, and communicates information, and in who makes decisions and allocates resources to implement decisions.

CI can complement AI in crucial ways to advance equity in SP in landscapes that include diverse racial and income groups, including highly vulnerable ones. Incorporating the two into SP, however, demands careful thought.

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